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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hi All,  

As many of you already know I have decided to go to Uganda again in Jan 2012.   I will be part of a mission trip supported by Crossroads Church in Woodbury Mn and the African Christian Fellowship Mn.    Our team will be serving in Kampala Uganda for two weeks Jan 12 to the 28th.  Uganda is located in East Africa and lies on the Equator.   This country has a tragic past with turmoil and strife.   Today Uganda is a safe country but still suffers greatly from the tragedy of the AIDS epidemic.

While we are there the Dentists and Assistants will be providing free dental treatment to orphaned children, many whom are infected with the HIV/AIDS virus.   We will be at the Mildmay Health Center near Kampala, Uganda.   The Dentists and Assistants do amazing work with the kids, many of whom may not have had previous dental care.  Along with the 'professionals',  we need a strong support staff to  keep kids busy, help hold kids in the clinic, run the electrical and dental equipment etc.     I will be going as support staff helping to register the kids as they arrive (sometimes 25 or more kids in one small van),  keep the kids busy before and after clinic,  The other support workers and I will be pouring out love for the kids, sharing messages of hope through games and crafts and reading them stories.   I was as times last year overcome with emotion and overwhelmed to be with the children.   Their are often many children with a single caregiver.   I truly feel so fortunate to be able to go again and help.   This year my daughter Kim will be joining the group.    I know she will bring so much care and love to these children.

I am writing this post today to ask you to consider joining our team through your support either monetary or supplies.  

Along with Dental supplies we are able to ship a limited amount of some things ahead.         For example one of the volunteers runs a shoe drive and sent  500 pairs of shoes last year.  Almost all of the kids that came through the clinic received one pair of shoes.    The kids also received a toothbrush and most received also a toy or stuffed animal.   The kids are so grateful for the little things we are able to provide.

I am already collecting some things to bring in my extra suitcase.   Things I can use are Matchbox Cars, Beanie Babies and children's socks and underwear.  

Another way would be to consider becoming one of my sponsors for this outreach. This trip is paid entirely through sponsorship and personal funding, with an estimated total cost of $2800.00 (including airfare, travel clinic, anti malarial meds, food and supplies) per person.

If you feel led to join our efforts through a tax deductible gift, you may send me a check.  Please make your check payable to African Christian Fellowship-MN and write “Uganda Dental Mission”.  Please do not write my name anywhere on the check.  A donation in any amount (large or small) would be greatly appreciated!  Anything that I collect will go partially toward Kim's travel and partially toward the groups overall needs.  

You can mail to me at 

Colleen Gauron
11608 Sunset Trail
Plymouth, Mn 55441

If you have any questions at all please email me at

One more thing I ask,   If you haven't read my blog before please check out some of my older posts,  including a post from last January titled  'Are you from America,  Do you know Mr and Mrs Kelley

Thank you so much for your consideration.  ~C~