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Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Countdown .. One week out

One week out, and just when I think I either have everything I need or have plans to get it I uncover something else I abolutely must have. Then I remember just how people in Uganda are living with so little. Things we throw out on a daily basis would be treasured.

Still,  I still need to pick up my anti Malarial meds, Malarone. Last year my insurance covered this med,this year not, so I have been procrastinating. Fortunately it has gone generic so it costs about half. I need to get bug juice. It goes on and on. Last night I found lots of Christmas candy for 75% off. Please don't tell the Dentists that I am bringing Candy on a trip to help kids with their teeth .. smile...  The candy will go in my extra suitcase with other kid stuff, clothing for the kids etc. I've heard the 14 or so shipping crates we packed in December arrived in Kampala! great news! Those were filled with Dental supplies, donations, many things for the children and Hundreds of pairs of shoes with great Thanks to Dr Joanie's Mom who runs a shoe drive to collect them. And Thanks to the great Iowans who donate them. it takes a Village doesn't it!!

Thanks for read and please keep following ~ All for now C

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