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Monday, January 16, 2012

Safe Travels and Set Up

Hi all, I am catching up after a few days without internet, its early Tues am in Kampala and I have connectivity so will drop in a couple of posts. After almost 24 hours of safe travel all 25 volunteers from the US arrived in Uganda intact and with all our stuff. Although, it turns out the containers we packed and shipped in Dec had been held at the airport and were just released and sent to Mildmay almost at the same time we arrived. So from scratch the setup begins...unpacking and assembling exam tables below.

Everyone was happy to find out the clinic would be in the same bldg as last year, so you kind of knew where to set things up

Above things start to come together. It's great to see familiar faces at Mildmay, below are Freida on the right and her daughter Cathy. Freida works at Mildmay and her daughter Cathy comes to volunteer with our group, helping with registration, translation and helping with the kids.

Two of the dentists, Joni and Justin (who famously met two years ago during the 2010 Mission trip, then got engaged on the 2011 trip & are now married) are above counting out Ugandan Shillings converted from USD. Below, a few beverages at the end of the first day.

.. All for now. ~~C

Location:Kampala Uganda

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