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Monday, January 16, 2012

We worked so hard on Saturday we took Sunday off

Seriously, in spite of jet lag and long hours by the end of the day on Saturday, all the equipment was set up and working and the clinic was ready for business. But without patients due until Monday, Sunday became a day off. if we leave the Mildmay campus the preferred transportation is by Coaster, basically a mid sized bus.

So on Sunday we headed out on the Coaster to Watoto Church, a local market, a local mall and also to a resort on lake Victoria. Kim, Julie and I plus five others chose the local Market and mall after church vs the resort. it was a good choice!! The sevice was great, contemporary Christian, with lots of great music. there must have been several thousand people there +. There was an overflow area. and that was just for the 10 am service. We had to pass through metal detectors on the way in, plus have our bags searched. i don't know how much 'faith' I have in the metal detectors as they seemed to go off constantly, yet everyone was okd to go in.

In the largest city in a country of 31 million people, at the market we picked to go to Julie and I ran into Badru, our friend and Safari driver from last year! All we could do was laugh, hug, say Happy New Year and marvel at this coincidence. Here is Badru

Later shoping at the market one of the vendors looked me up and down and asked "how was service at Watoto". I guess we stood out. Slang here for white people is Muzunga. I believe it is sort of an affectionate term?? Maybe.

Beyond runing into Badru, the market was great also. I never was able to make it to there last year so it was fun to go. Below is one of our felow volunteers Molly with the 7!!! Purses she bought!!

After shopping at the market our group of eight walked to a local indoor air conditioned ! Mall. Above you see some of the famous giany storks of Kampala nesting in a tree right in the city. Hot, thirsty and hungry we sat down at a local restaurant that seemed to borrow it's logo from good ole Starbucks, Green circle with coffee beans. With great flourish our food was served by our kind and professional waiter. i had beautiful tomatoes, cucumbers and mayo on my baguette, because of some past experience I was skeptical of all of it's freshness. My dilema was solved when we had a racauous cockroach chasing session at our table, with lots of screams and finally lots of laughter. We were causing a scene and the waiter came over and very quietly asked if we had a rat at our table. That was pretty much it for appetite. Trying to catch our visitor..

There's more from Sunday, but i gotta run. All for now ~~ C

Location:Kampala Uganda

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