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Monday, January 23, 2012

A little about the food

The meals at Mildmay have been really great, we get breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast might be some eggs, either scrambled, or hard boiled, bread for toast ( most of us brought our own peanut butter). Coffee, tea, juice, pineapple, cereal etc. Lunch usually has rice and potatoes, matoke(roasted mashed plantains) beans, veggies and some kind of protein, maybe beef or goat or chicken. Everyone seems to eat everything, I personally take a thank you bite of protein maybe, I picture the vendors selling it raw on the streets and am not too excited about this. Dinner is about the same. Some humour. So, since a few of us have been a little sick I will add a pic Kim took which she called "before". And that was before we knew there would be an "after"

Oh yeah and then there is the honey at breakfast that Kim could not resist getting a picture of!

~. Bon appetit C

Location:Kampala, Uganda

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