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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Safari comes later, first Tues and Wed at the clinic

Internet availability has been a little spotty complicated by limited free time to blog, but I have a little time this afternoon to catch up due to our day off and internet working.

Sometimes it's just a long and tiring day for the kids, if you notice in the background, this little girls backpack is pretty full, it means she has been to the dentist and possibly had a wait of several hours before and after the dentist (photo courtesy of Kim). I am sure though she had very good and much needed dental car sandwiched between I hope some fun while she was at the clinic, chasing bubbles, doing puzzles, making a bracelet, playing games etc. Maybe we just tired her out. We had Safari Sat, Sun and Monday, then back to Kampala on Mon afternoon for clinic on Tues and Wed. Today, Thurs is Independence day here in Uganda, a National Holiday, so there was no clinic, instead we had a free day. But Tues and Wed were very busy days. Tues was a lighter patient load, but the cases were difficult. There was a young 18 year old on Tues with a full mouth of adult teeth that had to be pulled. Dr Justin had the case and it took hours, preceded by very careful counseling for the young lady so she would know exactly why the work needed to be done. Like most of the patients she has HIV and complicated by a mouth full of decayed and painful teeth. It really was best for her, but heartbraking. After the work she was sent up to a Hosp ward for monitoring and an IV bag. Toward the end of the day she was released and came down the hill to the clinic, all smiles. Just amazing.

Justin and Shelley at work on a little girl. We had group of nursing students who are spending a month in Uganda stop by to observe and they also were a great help with the kids for a few hours.

Lawrence working on charts post op! Like many of our new found freinds we have made here, I will miss and worry about him after we leave.

Dr Sally and Lisa McCloud with a patient.

DrJoni, Molly and Kerri hard at work.

Dr Paul, Jodi and Bernard working together. Dr Rose and Julie in the background with another patient.

Kim noticed this little girl standing off by herself sobbing late in the day on Tues. She took her into her lap and tried to comfort her, but since we had no idea what had put here into tears, I found Gladys to come and interpret. gladys was great but we never did find out what the problem was however, she had a good cry sitting with Kim. ~. All for now C

Location:Kampala, Africa

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